Agency Accelerator Programme

For ambitious recruitment agencies looking to grow


No one actually needs a recruitment website...

What you need is a marketing engine.

Your website is business-critical, sure, but what you really need is a website that works for your business, that can evolve and improve over time – acting as the fulcrum for your agency's digital marketing. 
Our Agency Accelerator Programme™ is designed to relaunch not just your website, but your whole digital marketing function.

Want to learn how we get a 19,000% monthly ROI for one of our AAP clients?

Agency Accelerator Programme


Agency Accelerator Programme™


Agency Marketing Engine™

With your best-in-class recruitment website launched, we now set about a programme of conversion rate optimisation and continuous improvement. 
We're constantly looking each month to improve the website and how it performs.

We work on building traffic systems via SEO and local SEO campaigns.

And to keep fueling your new engine, we create a new sales funnel each quarter. 


After 25 years we've cracked the code...

Work with us as your digital marketing department - where we'll cover creating a truly best-in-class high-performance website. 

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Candidate Attraction System™

Building on top of your Addictivity website... this next level up on our Agency Accelerator covers the design, build and management of a Candidate Attraction System.

This is focused on recruitment funnels, and chatbot funnels with paid traffic. 


Agency Appointment Generator™

Our new BD & lead gen system for focusing your website traffic, and LinkedIn outreach around super-targeted prospects running a 30:70 cold to retargeting paid ad campaign.

Case Study

16,700% ROI with RED Global

Join some of the UK's biggest recruitment brands who use Addictivity

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Struggling to know where to start with your recruitment marketing?

You need a Recruitment Marketing Roadmap™ to succeed and grow your agency in 2024 and beyond.
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Recruitment Marketing Roadmap


Aaron George

Managing Director, Amida

James Baker

CEO, Buchanan Group

Samantah Du Toit

Head of Marketing, RED Global

George Zitko

Managing Director, Zitko Group

Sarah Fowke

Marketing Director, Driver Require


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