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SEO 101 for recruitment agencies
Recruitment Marketing
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SEO 101 for Recruitment Agencies

A lot of agency owners think that investing in a new website is enough. Build it and the candidates will come flooding in. But if it was that easy, everyone would rank number one.

Facebook for recruitment
Recruitment Marketing
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Facebook for Recruitment

Facebook is just for cat videos and watching what your old school friends did at the weekend, right?
It’s not for serious recruiters, surely?

No one cares about your recruitment business
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No-one Cares About Your Recruitment Business

Sorry to break this to you, but. No one cares about your recruitment agency. Sorry.

Google and Machine Learning
Recruitment Marketing
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How machine learning can help you target and match better candidates

One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment industry is matching the right candidate to the right job. It can be resource-intensive, and often not quite get the results that we’re after.

What is HTTPs?
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What’s https and should my website be using it?

If you treat your website security as somewhat of an afterthought, something that you’ll get to at some point, then you’re really missing a trick.

How to use remarketing
Recruitment Marketing
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How to Use Remarketing to Target the Right Clients and Candidates

Put your hand up if you want to get more candidates for your job roles or more clients to come onboard with you.

7 reasons to use automation
Recruitment Marketing
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7 Reasons Why Recruitment Agencies Should Invest In Marketing Automation

Here are seven reasons why recruitment agencies should invest in marketing automation.

11 reasons your website isn't working
Website Design
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11 reasons why your recruitment website isn’t working

If you are disappointed with the stats you are seeing, here are 11 reasons why your recruitment website might be under-performing…

Why you need ai
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Why your Recruitment Firm Needs to use AI…Now

There’s a lot of press about AI at the moment – from claims about jobs being stolen to Stephen Hawking warning of the end of the world. But what really is AI and why does it matter to recruitment firms?

8 things your recruitment website needs to succeed

This quick 8 step guide shows you which areas you need to win online.

Interview: Recruitment Leaders

Recruitment Leaders Series: Digital Marketing

We thought we'd start a series of interviews with agency leaders, to find a range of perspectives and shared experiences when it comes to digital marketing.

In this piece we interviewed Mary Maguire who's the MD and Founder of Astute Recruitment, and who was kind enough to share her perspective..

Read the interview

If you are interested in getting involved with this interview series, please drop us a line at moc.ytivitcidda%40olleh 

Interview Series

Interview: Recruitment leaders

Mary Maguire from Astute

Be authentic and people will trust you, like your service and use you when they need to.

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