Why Discovery?

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What is discovery?

A lot of agency owners don't even realise the opportunity that lies ahead... or the obstacles to success.

  • What is discovery?

    No one needs a website. Literally. And this is coming from a web design agency...
    What you need is often something quite different. You need a platform for growth. 

  • Strategic thinking

    We work with you to bring strategy into your digital marketing, with a clear vision, to get the most value and fastest returns.
    Once we understand your business, your values and ambition, we can consider the best solution and approach for your business.

  • Discovery uncovers your true goals

    Our discovery process, helps us unearth your vision and your true goals. We explore your challenges, your focus, and what obstacles are in the way. 

  • Roadmap

    When we have uncovered your true needs, we then plan out a roadmap towards success. 
    This brings the most value, to your recruitment business, focusing on your specific goals and vision.  

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

When is discovery?

We run discovery sessions with potential clients over Zoom. 

Discovery sessions

Each of our one-hour discovery sessions run in a Zoom meeting, and work best when we have the key stakeholders involved. 
We unearth your true goals and ambitions and look at what obstacles are in your way. 


We come to the table having researched and prepared for the sessions. And we're then able to map out a plan to success and what digital solution could be a best fit for your agency. 

Recruitment Website Design

During discovery...

First we explore you. Your company, your values, your goals, and your agency culture. 
What sets you apart from your competitors, and why are you on this particular journey?
The second session looks at your audience. Your candidates, and the ideal client demographics. 
In the third session, we connect you and your audience to look at engagement. How can we improve the touch points and messaging to enable better conversions to drive your business revenue. 

What you have to do...

All we need from you is a commitment to show up, that's the easy part. 
We ask that key decision-makers are present while we spend time focusing on your business.
You commit to up to three hours over three meetings if needed, but can usually get to the solution in the first session.

We're currently offering discovery for free.... (for now.)

What we do.

We'll start by asking strategic questions to allow us to really get to you your true goals and mission.
We help you to achieve absolute clarity in your brands positioning and what success looks like. 
We research and develop a solution based on the information we uncover through each discovery meeting.

What we do

What you get.

Once through the discovery process, we'll present you with a solution and a marketing roadmap so you have a full strategic plan to take your business forward. 
You can use this to take action yourselves to move the plan forward. 
However, we will also present our proposal for us executing on your project.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional, creative, diligent and friendly team."
"I cannot recommend Addictivity highly enough and am thoroughly delighted to have had the opportunity to work with you."

Sarah Fowke, Marketing ManagerDriver Require

Sarah Fowke
Recruitment discovery

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