Sales funnel design

for recruitment agencies and search businesses

What's involved

We talk a lot to our clients about how we can get the most out of the traffic they are getting – and one area almost everyone fails at is creating a sales funnel. 
If you consider out of the traffic you get to your website, how many are actually looking to make a 'purchasing decision' right there and then, it’s less than you might think, possibly less than 2%.

A good conversion rate for candidates is around 8–10% - that's still leaving 90% of candidate traffic not engaging with the website.

Some users will be researching, learning, doing due diligence, comparing you to your competitors, or even looking with future plans in mind.

By engaging with these users, and offering them some content of high-perceived value in exchange for their basic details, we can capture them as potential clients or candidates.

We call this, a 'Lead Magnet'.
This can be something that solves an immediate problem - a white paper, a case study, an interactive survey or quiz. It needs to be engaging, but super-specific to your ideal candidate, or potential client.

The aim is to then enter them into a system, where we email them on an auto-responder with a mix of useful emails over time.

The idea is to move them along the customer value journey.

It's important to remember that we are trying to build a relationship with the prospect, built on value, trust and authority, and you can't simply go for the 'sale' on day one.

We look at designing the ideal customer value journey that takes them from a cold audience, through to being a brand advocate.

We recommend using lead magnets, automated emails, and retargeting to move the potential customer along your value journey towards becoming a client or successful candidate.

Customer Value Journey

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