Search engine optimisation

for recruitment agencies and search businesses

Many agency owners don't even realise the opportunities being missed

Go from stuck and stressed – to clear and in control
of your agencies digital marketing

  • Is your website under-performing?

    Having worked for many years with recruitment agencies of all sizes, we know what it takes to put together an effective inbound marketing campaign. 
    Where so many agency owners go wrong, is thinking that when the website launches, the project has finished.

  • Then when the basics are in place, we can build a traffic system to generate leads for prospective new clients, and a candidate acquisition funnel. 

     • We can typically increase organic traffic by a minimum of 10% • We usually reach conversion rates of 8 - 10% (up to 14%) • Clients typically see a return on investment inside the first 6 months.

  • In fact, that's really when the hard work starts...

    We recommend using inbound marketing, and designing a series of funnels that will work for your business, on both the candidate and the client side. 

  • Integrated Job Alerts

    Our built-in job alerts system sends out a single daily email with only the jobs matching their specific job preferences and can optionally send SMS alerts to your candidates.

"Addictivity are without doubt the most professional, creative and forward-thinking web design agency that we have ever used in our business"

James Osborne, CEOThe Recruitment Network

James Osborne

What's involved

We offer what we call traditional SEO, which covers off these basics and acts as a platform for any digital marketing campaign. On top of that, we offer additional digital marketing services such as content marketing and marketing automation.
We start with keyword research and competitive analysis to get a clear picture of the traffic in your search space, and how competitive the search landscape is. 

Keyword research is still critical as the basis for the campaign; even through we now talk about keyword themes.

Once the keyword themes are planned, the new site needs a full technical audit and optimisation carried out. 

Again, this needs to be with recent algorithm changes in mind. We look at many things, from large fundamentals such as meta data through to small nitty-gritty details such as duplicate content and canonical domain issues – all of which can be problematic if not addressed correctly.

And this onsite work is not a one off – it’s an ongoing requirement to constantly monitor the site for potential issues. We track and scan the site daily for any potential pitfalls that may crop up through mistake or CMS usage or technical fault.

Traditional SEO still covers both onsite and offsite optimisation, and for the offsite it’s primarily looking at strategies for inbound link opportunities. Where should your site be listed – authority and industry sites for example.

We analyse the link profiles of your competitors to pick out link opportunities for your site(s) as one of the best methods for developing quality links.

SEO 101 for Recruitment

A typical SEO campaign these days consists of the following:

    Competitive Research & Analysis
    Keyword Research
    Strategy Development
    On-site Optimisation
    Internal Link Optimisation
    Content Optimisation

and then ongoing off-site optimisation covering many things, including:

    Link Profile Audit
    Link Strategy Development
    Link Removals
    Content Asset Identification
    Link Reclamation
    Competitive Link Analysis
    Advanced Link Building

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