5 Pieces of Content You Need On Your Recruitment Website

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3 min read | 2 min watch | Google Jobs | Video | Vlog

5 Pieces of Content You Need On Your Recruitment Website

By now, you probably know that content is really important for your recruitment website and not just the kind of content that you put on your homepage and leave there for all eternity.

We’re talking fresh, regular content that keeps you at the top of your game and keeps attracting potential clients.

Watch the video, because who needs to even read anymore?

Why is creating regular, fresh content important?

For starters, it’s important to keep your site SEO friendly.

Producing regular content gives your clients and potential clients more opportunities to find you online and for Google to index more of your content but more important than that, this content is vital for connecting with potential prospects and customers and converting them to using your agency over any of the others.

It’s not enough to just push the button on a 300 word superficial blog post. If you want to convert visitors to clients, you have to be strategic with your content.

Let’s have a look at the key pieces of content you need to have on your recruitment website.

#1 What Makes You Different?

When a potential client lands on your website, they’re going to want to know why they should use you instead of one of your competitors. This is your time to shine.

Here you want to create content based on the key issues that potential clients are having finding a recruitment agency like you. Creating content that deals with these key issues is a great start, but then you want to hone that content and address how you can help them solve these problems.

This, you might want to consider titles like:

‘Why you should choose a recruitment agency that does X’ or, ‘How we can help you find the ideal candidate.’

These simple ideas start tapping into the key problems your potential clients might have, but they also start introducing how you can help them.

#2 Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful way to show potential clients what you’ve achieved in the past.

Social proof is huge in the online world, so by highlighting these past experiences, you’re building trust and authority with prospective clients.

You might want to use titles such as:

‘How we helped brand X find their perfect product manager’ or, ‘How brand Y filled 40% of their job openings within one month.’

#3 Videos

This is a slight step away from written content, but the results really speak for themselves.

50% of people remember more content from a video than written text. 60% of people prefer watching a video as opposed to reading written content, and there’s 88% more time spent by the average user on a website with video.

You can put together a talking head video, like this, if you want, but there are other options such as explainer videos which use animated text and graphics, which can be a little bit simpler and quicker to produce.

#4 Authority Boosting Content About Your Industry

In order to encourage potential clients to use you over another recruitment agency, you need to give them a good reason.

Rather than just posting content about your brand, you want to be posting content specifically about the kind of things clients are looking for in the industry that you serve.

More often than not, these people will find your site by searching on Google for recruitment agencies within your specific industry. By publishing content in and around these specifics, you’re building authority and trust with potential clients that are looking for specifically what you do.

This means when it comes time to picking that recruitment agency, they’ve got you at the front of their mind.

#5 Content That Tackles Each Part of The Process

The key thing to remember here is potential clients might stumble across your site at various, different points along the hiring process.

One person might be looking for information on how to find the right kind of hire, whilst another prospect might have a job description written and a clear idea of who they’re looking for already.

Your goal here is to create content that solves problems the potential clients have for each of these key stages, from potentially hiring someone through to onboarding that successful, new candidate.

For example, at the beginning of the hiring process, you could have a title such as:

‘Why you need a creative director to oversee projects,’ but for those at the end of the process, you might publish something like, ‘How to make your new employee’s first day great’.

Content is important for numerous reasons. Not only does it boost your SEO with Google, but it’s also your most valuable tool for turning website visitors into potential clients.

By publishing this fresh, regular content, you’re providing a seamless journey that takes a prospect from wanting to sign up with a recruitment agency to wanting to sign up with you.


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