Facebook for Recruitment

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2 min read | 2 min watch | Recruitment marketing | Video | Vlog

Facebook for Recruitment

Facebook is just for cat videos and watching what your old school friends did at the weekend, right?

It’s not for serious recruiters, surely.

Watch the video, because who needs to even read anymore?

Actually, Facebook is targeting the jobs market, and whether you like it or not, it warrants your attention.

Smart recruiters have actually been utilising Facebook for some time, its targeting abilities are second-to-none.

When you know you can target people who like peanut butter and jam sandwiches, you start to realise, actually the targeting possibilities for a vacancy are huge.

However, Facebook has been making this process easier, and now, Facebook Jobs is officially a thing.

Facebook Jobs is officially a thing.

Since January this year, in the US, and rolling out now in the UK, companies can post jobs on their company pages, and have it appear in the news feed.

While you might not think this is ground-breaking just yet, it’s an indication of Facebook’s move into the jobs market, and it’s an opportunity for recruiters within the right market.

Of course, LinkedIn is the go-to social network for recruiters and candidates. It’s heavily focused on the job market, and it performs that function brilliantly.

So, apart from the 27% of people actively looking for a new role, and using LinkedIn as part of that process, what about the other 73%?

Most people are actually open to the possibility of another role, especially, potentially a higher-paying one, even if they’re not actively looking. And where exactly is their attention? It’s on Facebook.

They recently hit the 2 billion active user mark, and for recruiters, in the right market, it’s something that simply can’t be ignored.

As well as listing vacancies, you can now, of course, promote those vacancies through paid advertising on the channel, and the targeted demographics that this brings with it is really interesting. Even higher-level positions are now worth exploring on Facebook, because of the targeting potential with the user demographics on that platform.

What’s interesting is how easy it is to apply for a job on Facebook. They already have the candidate’s data and profile, so the application can be sent straight through, and actually, it goes through to the company’s Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messanger

This means the company can engage with the candidate immediately, in an environment that they’re happy and familiar with. This, in itself, means that Facebook Messenger might need to be part of your candidate acquisition system, and surely, integrations with ATS and CRM systems are just around the corner.

Plus, the use of AI and chatbots integrating with Messenger is a tool that already exists for recruiters.

With the big dataset behind Facebook, and their intimate knowledge of us, and our emotions, and our experience, and our life-changing events, means that they have the potential to target the right job to the right fit, at exactly the right time.

It’s certainly one to watch, and if it fits your market, in your sector, you could get first mover advantage.


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