How (and why) to Beef Up Your Recruitment Agency With Video

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3 min read | 2 min watch | Google Jobs | Video | Vlog

How (and why) to Beef Up Your Recruitment Agency With Video

With over 10m jobs on LinkedIn at any one time, and recruiters jostling for attention – just how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd?

Watch the video, because who needs to even read anymore?

If you want to engage with the best and brightest candidates – then video is one of your best weapons.

Recruitment agencies like yours, using video, are getting up to 800% more candidate engagement vs agencies that don’t.

In this post, we’re talking about how you can beef up your recruitment game, by utilising video throughout your recruitment process.

If you want to build your authority, stand out from the crowd and get huge candidate engagement – then this post is for you…

There’s a huge opportunity for video to put your agency on the map, it’s not too late to get ahead of your competitors by embracing video.

As well as standing out, building your brand and own personal authority in your sector, video is giving better candidate engagement, and speeding up the whole recruiting process.

As well as for content creation, video can also revolutionise your recruitment process, and the service you are providing to your clients.

Using video interviews in the early stages of the recruitment process, for example, can speed up and improve the hiring process you are providing.

There are several video interview services you can integrate into your service easily and cheaply.

On the content side, right now, video on LinkedIn is giving amazing returns as prioritised content across your feed.

Recent tests on LinkedIn vs paid Facebook video ads, for example, are showing LinkedIn giving way better coverage.

And they have recently started allowing sponsored video content – meaning you can target your clients and candidates outside of your own network with paid video content.

This plus you can now add video to your agencies company page on LinkedIn, which they say gives 5 x the chance of generating a conversation against standard content.

This is all great – where do you start?

Ideas for where to use videos run throughout the client and candidate journey, when engaging with your agency.

As part of your content marketing, you can create vlogs – video content like this – with helpful, value-first content aimed at your audience at each part of their journey.
You can also create ‘Day in the life’ style videos, that help show how you work, and your brand personality.

Video testimonials from current clients can work really throughout your marketing strategy.
And then, of course, live job opportunities. It’s relatively easy these days to record a video update detailing the latest candidate opportunities – and get it in front of your target audience quickly.
The best advice I had recently when starting our own video journey, was to get over myself!

Get over the nerves, get over worrying about who might see them or what the reaction might be.

Take the jump, get video content out there, and the audience you really care about will love it.

If you have the resources, I’d recommend getting professional help. A video like this doesn’t just happen without the pros getting involved.

But you can also mix this up with simple videos shot on basic DSLR or even your phone. Some basic lighting and video editing software can turn out content more than good enough for the quick live jobs and personal updates – especially good for LinkedIn.

And as with all content you are producing, remember to promote and repurpose your video everywhere you can.

On your website, your blog, your social channels, your email automations, proposals, everywhere.

Drop them on the thank you page of your website for candidates to see after applying. Get creative and you’ll start to see the impact.

* Pro tip – most LinkedIn users are on their mobile and they don’t have audio…

Using captions on your videos is easier than you think. Use a third party transcription service to quickly and cheaply get your video content as a text file.

You can drop it into your video software and export it with the captions across the bottom.

Are you going to get on the case video? Or do you want your competitors to get all the glory?

Beef up your video game and your job might be the one out of the 10m that gets noticed.


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