What’s https and should my website be using it?

3 min read | 2 min watchRecruitment websites | Video | Vlog

3 min read | 2 min watch | Recruitment websites | Video | Vlog

What’s https and should my website be using it?

If you treat your website security as somewhat of an afterthought, something that you’ll get to at some point, then you’re really missing a trick.

Watch the video, because who needs to even read anymore?

Not only are you underestimating the importance of data security but the possible impact on your bottom line. Not only is it your corporate responsibility to take the personal data of your customer seriously. But it’s also a critical part of the new GDPR rules, which are coming out next May concerning data protection.

One area you can look at as part of your overall website security is using secure socket layer certificates, or SSL for short.

What this does is essentially encrypt the data that goes from your users’ browser through to your website. It sounds complicated, but actually, it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to set up.

No doubt you’ll have noticed that typically when you’re browsing and shopping online or going to do online banking, you’ll notice that you’re browsing securely. Your browser will have an indicator, and actually, you’ll notice if you look at the URL, it will go from HTTP to HTTPS.

Until recently, this has always been a bit of an afterthought for most website owners, especially those that are not taking payments online.

However, Google is pushing for all websites to go secure and utilise HTTPS whether they’re taking payments or not.

The first benefit of this is, of course, improving the user experience and securing their data.
The second real added benefit to going secure is that it’s now a ranking factor with Google, and it will boost your organic traffic.
I would urge you to take steps now to secure your website. Not only does it take your users’ security seriously, but it’s gonna give you a boost in your overall rankings.

You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.


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