Inbound marketing.

for recruitment agencies and search businesses

Many agency owners don't even realise the opportunities being missed

Go from stuck and stressed – to clear and in control
of your agencies digital marketing

  • Is your website under-performing?

    Having worked for many years with recruitment agencies of all sizes, we know what it takes to put together an effective inbound marketing campaign. 
    Where so many agency owners go wrong, is thinking that when the website launches, the project has finished.

  • Then when the basics are in place, we can build a traffic system to generate leads for prospective new clients, and a candidate acquisition funnel. 

     • We can typically increase organic traffic by a minimum of 10% • We usually reach conversion rates of 8 - 10% (up to 14%) • Clients typically see a return on investment inside the first 6 months.

  • In fact, that's really when the hard work starts...

    We recommend using inbound marketing, and designing a series of funnels that will work for your business, on both the candidate and the client side. 

  • Integrated Job Alerts

    Our built-in job alerts system sends out a single daily email with only the jobs matching their specific job preferences and can optionally send SMS alerts to your candidates.

"Addictivity are without doubt the most professional, creative and forward-thinking web design agency that we have ever used in our business"

James Osborne, CEOThe Recruitment Network

James Osborne

What is inbound?

A lot of agency owners get trapped into thinking that a little bit of SEO is enough and then get disillusioned with online marketing as it’s not driving the required ROI for their business. 
Be it client or candidate of both, we want to build your authority and reputation as a value-first organisation.

Using content, outreach and paid promotion strategies, we can build value over time and move your prospect along your customer value journey.  

Inbound marketing includes:

    Customer personas
    Customer value journeys
    Local SEO
    Pillar blog content & lead magnets
    Video content
    Content promotion
    Influencer marketing & outreach
    Salary surveys
    Advanced link building
    Marketing automation
    Paid traffic systems
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